Job Title: Bricklayer’s General Labourer

Location: Kettering

Salary: £7.05 Under 25 and £7.50 for over 25

Contract: Contract

Sector: Construction

Office: Corby


Bricklayer’s General Labourer

Salary: £7.05 Under 25 and £7.50 for over 25

Hours: 7.30am to 4.30pm

Location: Kettering

Duration: Temp - Perm


Experiance Required:

- CSCS card desirable but not essential as you will be working in residential properties.


Duties of a Bricklayer's Gneral Labourer:

- Mixing, transporting and distributing mortar and cement mixes for use
- Mortar is mixed on site using a mixer (includes shovelling sand into the mixer, cement/mortar mix is added from 20kg   bags along with water and other additives)
- Small quantities of mortar may be mixed manually in a wheelbarrow using a shovel
- Mortar mix is transported in buckets weighing up to 25kg and/or by wheelbarrow around the site as required
- Moving and handlingarge volumes of materials on site, andthe use of a forklift, pallet jacks, wheelbarrows and        specially shaped ‘block barrows’
- Manually loading and unloading bricks and blocks to and from pallets
- The brick, stone and building blocks handled vary in size and weight but typically weigh between 11 and 15kg - they are manually handled between floor level and chest height
- Bricks, stone and blocks are cut to size and shaped using a chisel hammer or brick/block cutting
- Temporary work platforms and scaffolding is assembled and disassembled
- Excess mortar is removed using a hand trowel or scraper - props may be used to temporarily support the structures    and are positioned and fastened between ll and floor structures, and may include the use of bracing along the walls
- Bricklayer’s labourer’s work both indoors and outdoors, therefore access may require the climbing of
  stairs, ladders and scaffolding and negotiation of uneven surfaces.

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If you have a covering letter or any questions about the role, Email jobs@fox-resourcing.co.uk

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