Why use a recruitment agency & what are the benefits?

Why use a recruitment agency & what are the benefits?


Why use a recruitment agency to find a job?

If you know how a recruitment agency gets paid, you'll know that recruiters work on behalf of the employer. But can candidates still benefit from using a recruitment agency? Yes, they can!

Consultants are always on the lookout for skilled people and might be able to open the door to opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Advantages of using a recruitment agency to find a job:

If you’re a job searching candidate, what are the benefits of using an agency?

  • They're free to job seekers.
  • Some job vacancies will only appear via a recruitment agency and not online.
  • Many agencies will offer tools to optimise a job seeker's employability (such as CV writing).
  • There are recruiters who specialise in YOUR specific industry.
  • Recruiters can open up a large network of clients who are looking for staff.

All sounds great, however this relationship isn't completely one-sided and a job seeker will need to put in some work in order to get the most from a recruitment service.

How can candidates reap the benefits of a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies can really be advantageous to job seekers. But there are a few things the candidate will need to do to ensure the agency process works for them.

Developing an effective relationship with a recruitment agency is ultimately the most important factor for any candidate. The same applies to clients working with a recruitment agency.

"Working closely with the correct recruitment partner is imperative whether you are a client or candidate. Picking a consultancy that takes the time to assess your skills, experiences, characteristics and circumstances, in order to effectively match both company and candidate together, adds huge value to any process." - Chris Dickenson, Managing Director at The Advocate Group.




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