What are the benefits of temporary employment?

According to the Office of National statistics employment is on the rise, but many of these roles are temporary positions. We’re living in a very uncertain world and companies are remaining cautious when it comes to long term commitments, that includes employment.

So if you’re struggling to land yourself your dream permanent job then maybe looking at a temp job may be the best way forward. ‘Why would I want to do that?!’ I hear you ask, well there are a number of reasons, I’ve pulled together 7 strong things to consider.

1. Experience. Experience. EXPERIENCE!

Workers in a factory

You’ll have noticed when applying for jobs that many require related work experience. Even graduate or entry level jobs tend to require at least a year’s experience, go figure! One of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve this is temping. You can work for a number of companies in a relatively short space of time. It looks great on your CV and makes you stand out from other candidates.

2. You’re in control


Being a temp means you have extra flexibility, you’re normally on a very short or non-existent notice period, this makes it easier to leave if you feel you need a career break or have a family or life emergency. It may seem scary not having the security of a fixed permanent job, but the feeling of freedom can be refreshing.

3. Getting the inside information

Workers in an office

Temping offers you an insight into how companies are internally managed and what systems they have in place. This is something you can mention in interviews as it’s not only a benefit to you, it can benefit a company to learn what practices their competitors have in place. So make sure once you land your temp job you’re learning as much as possible about how the company operates!

4. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know


Ah the classic phrase, well, it’s sad but it’s true. Working across a handful of companies means you’re meeting a vast number of people, if you make a good impression they may consider you for future roles that materialise. Not just that, you can build up a bank of references and endorsements for your all-important LinkedIn profile!

5. It’s a foot in the door

Workers with a drill

Not all temporary jobs are for a fixed period of time to cover a momentary surge in workload, some are there so the company can ‘try before they buy’ as it were. It means they can see how you work and how you fit in within the company before offering a you a permanent role. It’s almost like having an extended job interview.

6. Learning New Skills

Worker in engineering lab

Even within the same industry companies often use different systems and software, it’s probably different to what you have used in a previous job or what you learnt at school or university.  By spending time temping you tend to pick up new skills which can help you stand out on your CV and show how quickly you can adapt to the way a company operates.

7. Time to refocus

Man reading story to child

Work-related stress and mental health issues are on the rise, being a temp makes it easier to take time off to yourself and gain perspective. The time between jobs can help you refocus and determine the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

So what now? You’ve read this wonderful article and you’re enticed by the idea of temporary work. Whether you’re after a change in your career or you’re just starting out we can help you find the right job for you. Visit our website and download our app to be kept up with all the latest jobs on offer, and follow us on Facebook for jobs with immediate starts.

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