New Candidates Announcement

A big welcome to our new Fox team members!

Our team has expanded this month and we are happy to welcome our new colleagues Alin (Romanian) and Pierre (Slovakian).

Alin joined the Corby team as a recruitment consultant and he’s waiting for you to pop in and meet him at our Corby office, or drop him a call at: 01536 402004 so he could give you more information about the jobs we have available.

Pierre joined the Kettering team as a recruitment consultant and he’s always happy to give you a hand when it comes to your employment journey. He can also provide more information about the jobs that you are interested in and waiting for you to give us a call at: 01536 524460 or to pop into our Kettering office.

Alin – 21 years old, Romanian – Corby office

Alin joins us from working over in Spain as an English Teacher, He has extensive knowledge in Maths, physics and chemistry. He has offered this privately in the past teaching classes in his home country Romania before joining the Fox team.

He likes to learn new things, Travel and reading technical books.

He enjoys sports like tennis, football, boxing and he’s going to the gym often to maintain his fitness levels.


Pierre – 36 years old, Slovakian – Kettering office

Pierre or Peter as he likes to be known has worked with Wayne almost 10 years ago when he first moved to the UK from Belgium. He moved back home and has since been working in a metal foundry in Belgium before coming back to England, as a bulldozer driver.

He loves sweets and spending time with his family. They’ll always be a bowl of sweets sitting on his desk. He likes everything about cars and he knows how to fix and upgrade them!


We WISH Alin and Pierre all the luck in the world whilst working with Fox.

Feel free to get in touch

Now that the Fox team is growing you can feel free to contact us anytime between 9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday if you’ve got any enquiries or questions regarding our jobs.

Our new colleagues will do their best to help and assist you as best they can

Join us in wishing them Luck :)

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